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Simone Sabaini

Simone Sabaini come fron Verona, after experiencing the Finance world decided to change life. After four years working in "Altromercato" where he had the chance to work with South American cocoa and sugar producers, he decided to move in Modica motivated by the fact to go ahead in therm of Quality of life, Simone i attracted by the beauty and the slow life of Modica. In Modica he established Sabadì aimed to elevate the qualitu level of Modica chocolate, convinced of Modica chocolate potentiality in term of taste.

The features that are for the other manufacturers characteristics of Modica chocolate in Simone opinion are defects and therefore he decides to produce a Modica chocolate traditionally cold worked and without added cocoa butter can remains shiny and compact, with a strong persistence of cocoa and without too intrusive perception of sugar.


Via Resistenza Partigiana, 124
97015 Modica (Ragusa)
tel/fax: 0932 906638

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