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Caseificio Mongibella

Is a young family business company, which business is the milk processing industry, it is located in Buccheri.

Our advantage is the Passion.

Passion for our job, Passion for our land which we express trough the products we produce, we tell the smell and the taste of our beautifull Sicily and we give the best for reaching the Quality.

Milk is collected every day fron safe and controlled farm animals, just in the Iblean area, so it means milk produced in high ill pasture. We do love our land and the excellent products our land give us.

We like to take care of our customers with unique taste forgot already in the industrial production.


Caseificio Mongibella
Contrada Piana snc
Strada provinciale Buccheri-Sortino
96010 Buccheri (Siracusa)
tel. +39 0931 1810355

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