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dimore di giurfo

Dimore di Giurfo

Our family since 1872 owns "Giurfo" company in the Municipality of Licodia Eubea surrounded in a picturesque setting, one of the most surprising of south eastern area of Sicily.

In this so valuable land, since many years it is cultivated native grapes, especially Nero d'Avola and Frappato for red wines and Insolia and Grillo for white ones; noble grape varieties, whit a unique taste, cultivated in an area that allows the company to bear the label D.O.C. for the production of Nero d'Avola, Frappato, INsolia and Grillo and label D.O.C.G. (Southern Italy only) for the Cerasuolo di Vittoria.


Dimore di Giurfo
Contrada Giurfo s.n.
Licodia Eubea 95040 (Catania)
Tel: +39 335 6238909 - +39 393 9866070
fax: 095 7221551

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